Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Coming soon...

I have not blogged for an eternity... but I have been using the web-platform du jour: Twitter!

You can know keep an eye my artistic endeavours by following me on Twitter itself, or just keep an eye on the widget (to the right of this page) or indeed on my MySpace page.

So, it's all getting very exciting in the build-up to the release of my album 'Body-Piano-Machine', which comes out on 27th April on Gaymonkey Records. We have a single coming out on 13th April; the song 'Flesh & Bone' the video for which you can watch in a previous blog post. The digital bundle comes with an exclusive remix by French electro-guru Leapstick, and a live track recorded last year at Point Ephemere here in Paris.

We have a massive Paris gig at the ultra-chic Nouveau Casino on the 29th April (achetez vos billets tout de suite les franciliens!) which should be a great evening: we'll celebrate the album release by performing our stage show which is not like most pop gigs... come and discover our performance and you won't be disappointed!

I've been getting some really lovely blog coverage. A big London gig is coming up too - announcement coming soon.

Please do get in touch by leaving comments here, on MySpace or indeed LastFM where you can hear more tracks from my album.

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Maiara Gouveia said...

i want to hear more tracks from your album. & I add you in myspace.

besitos (kisses)