Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Blogs and Bangles

Hello, Bonjour etc.

Welcome to my brand new blog.

My name is MaJiKer, . I am a music producer and songwriter, as well as a stage performer. I've worked with several artists, including French singer/songriter Camille, whose award-winning album Le Fil, I produced with her. I've also recently finished my own album entitled "Body-Piano-Machine (BPM)" which you can preview on my MySpace page. I'll fill you in on some of my other collaborations in due course... watch this space! Well, more accurately, READ THIS BLOG.

I want to use this blog not only to share my opinions on and analyses of certain pieces of music that have thrilled or challenged me, but also to share some of my experiences as my various collaborations and projects unfold.

Having massively enjoyed reading the brilliant Nico Muhly's blog, when I randomly woke up one morning with the following song by The Bangles, in my head, I just knew that I should create my own corner of the web to share my musings with others:

The Bangles - 'If She Knew What She Wants' (1986)

Things to note in this song (aside from the shockingly poor grammar):

* The gorgeous backing vocals (BV's) that characterise so much of The Bangles' work, apparently inspired by The Beach Boys, were most likely what lured this song into my dream-based subconscious, as rich contrapuntal backing harmonies are a passion of mine.

* There is a stark contrast in interpretation and texture between the almost robot-like backing vocals and the girly, dynamic lead, a contrast that is accentuated splendidly when the two lines reunite in unison at the end of the first line in this clip ("fine, fine fine") and again with "nothing from mine".

* The catchy backing vocal part for the chorus is teased in the calmer 'breakdown' chorus, by stripping the BV's down to a unison line "he'd be giving it to her" etc. so that when the full harmony version come back on "he can pretend to give her everything" the effect is positively orgasmic! Well, maybe that's just my reaction...

* The genius decision to leaves the BV's on their own at the end without the lead so that (as in Britney's "Baby... One More Time") the listener can latch on to both the lead and the BV part, making the song twice as catchy, and giving even the casual pop listener a taste of the joy of counterpoint

OK, well a first post about The Bangles can't be all bad, non? Please feel free to leave some comments below.

Where we go from here, you'll have to wait and see...