Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Interview + Live chez Radio Nova!

Voici l'interview avec moi et ma collaboratrice de scene, Benedicte Le Lay, et deux titres LIVE chez Radio Nova, avec Melanie Bauer pour "L'El├ęphant Effervescent":



hardscrabble in kabul said...

hey Majiker! So glad i finally found you. How are you? It's Katie from Paris, Max's friend...and you know, i stumbled upon the best Argentinian synth-pop ever, and I know you'd love it. Have you heard of this group called Miranda? It's actually Miranda!, with a point d'exclamation. Anyhow, their site is here: http://www.esmirandamiamor.com/

I hope you're well. Your music vids look amazing! xo, katie zien

Maiara Gouveia said...


I will heard your interview with pleasure.

See you,