Sunday, 8 June 2008

I'm Reborn in Flesh and Bone

Long time no blog.

I've been very hectic on tour with Camille. It's been going great - the audiences have been amazing and the show is equally electrifying for us performers. Special mention for those who came to our gigs in London and Germany. The reaction has been pheonomenal - thanks for the warm and energetic welcome! It's really energising and stimulating to experience such enthusiasm after travelling long and hard.

And also busy working on this visual treat; a video for the song "Flesh and Bone" from my forthcoming album "Body-Piano-Macine (BPM)". This song feature my on-stage collaborator Benedicte Le Lay.

It's directed by the very talented photographer and director Raphael Neal and I am thrilled with the results.

More exciting visual developments to come in preparation for the album release this coming autumn (2008).


Please feel free to send this video link around. It's there for your viewing pleasure!