Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Interview + Live chez Radio Nova!

Voici l'interview avec moi et ma collaboratrice de scene, Benedicte Le Lay, et deux titres LIVE chez Radio Nova, avec Melanie Bauer pour "L'Eléphant Effervescent":


Friday, 25 July 2008

Get Ready For The WOW

Check out the video for 'Money Note', Camille's new single which I produced with her:

Nice hula-hoop action! Mariah will be very jealous...

In other news, my on-stage participation in Camille's tour is nearly over. Just a handful of concerts left before I leave my role as pianist to concentrate fully on the overall musical arrangements for her show, and also to develop my other recording and live projects.

We are currently organising some gigs for Body-Piano-Machine for the autumn, and the album should be available around then also... so much more excitement to come before the year is over!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

I'm Reborn in Flesh and Bone

Long time no blog.

I've been very hectic on tour with Camille. It's been going great - the audiences have been amazing and the show is equally electrifying for us performers. Special mention for those who came to our gigs in London and Germany. The reaction has been pheonomenal - thanks for the warm and energetic welcome! It's really energising and stimulating to experience such enthusiasm after travelling long and hard.

And also busy working on this visual treat; a video for the song "Flesh and Bone" from my forthcoming album "Body-Piano-Macine (BPM)". This song feature my on-stage collaborator Benedicte Le Lay.

It's directed by the very talented photographer and director Raphael Neal and I am thrilled with the results.

More exciting visual developments to come in preparation for the album release this coming autumn (2008).


Please feel free to send this video link around. It's there for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Many, Many, Many Thanks!

Just a quick post to thank everyone who has been supporting me and my work recently.

Firstly, if you came to my recent solo show at Point Ephemere in Paris (or sent me your best wishes from afar) un grand merci! It was such a beautiful evening. I'll post some pictures and hopefully videos clips in the coming days and weeks. The audience was so enthusiastic and open to our work.

Secondly, the reaction to Camille's new tracks (from her forthcoming album "Music Hole" which I co-produced) has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks for that! It's really great to see people getting excited about this project. It makes everything even more thrilling for me and the group as we prepare for our first live shows to know that there is an enthusiastic audience waiting to share these new sounds and sensations with us.

The single "Gospel With No Lord" has been playlisted in France on many radio stations (more than ever played Camille previously) and in the UK the song is Record of the Week on BBC Radio 6 Music. The other sneaky preview track "Money Note" seems to be provoking strong reactions in everyone who hears it, mostly enormously positive. Anyone with a sense of humour seems to 'get it' in any case!

So yes, THANKS to everyone who's supporting these projects.

A bientot in concert!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Get To The Point (FMR)

Here's the web flyer for my next show, and some info (in French)... as the biz gets busy buzzing!

"Sur scène, c'est un artiste complet: comédien, musicien, performer; le
tout exécuté au cordeau ... Terrible!"

Emmanuel de Brantes

"Wonderful performance... original, professional and entertaining."
Chànna Galhenagé - Gogoparis.com

"Voici un jeune homme qui bouscule le panorama d'une pop routinière, à
suivre de très près."

Remy Kolpa Kopoul

Après avoir marché sur Le Fil de Camille, MaJiKer présente aujourd'hui un concert live et unique, avant goût appétissant de son premier album à venir: Body-Piano-Machine (BPM).

Cet auteur et producteur anglais de 27 ans travaille et vit à Paris depuis 2005, date de la sortie de l'album de Camille Le Fil (qu'il a co-réalisé). Depuis la fin de la tournée internationale du Fil, il a produit les albums (à venir) de jeunes auteurs et interprètes : Sacha Bernardson (de Bordeaux), Mélissa Laveaux (d'Ottowa) ainsi que le 3eme album (Music Hole) de Camille. Parallèlement à cela, il a trouvé le temps d'enregistrer son premier album solo et d'en créer un événement scénique innovant.

Trois instruments, trois sources, trois couleurs:

Rouge, le sang qui bat dans nos veines, notre boite à rythme interne, la percussion primaire et incessante de notre corps humain.
Du ton le plus profond du Blues au saphir Rhapsody, le piano; une invention classique qui dénote sophistication et mélancolie.
Décoré de vert électrique, le clavier d'enfant: Yamaha PSS 270, affiche le nom de ses sons absurdes et programmés. A l'intérieure de la machine, les câbles sont soudés dans sa chair d'émeraude.

Sur scène comme dans son album, ces 3 instruments sont les seuls a être entendus dans ses chansons . C'est une bataille entre chair, bois et plastique, entre veines entremêlées, cordes et câbles; un triptyque homogène: the Body, the Piano, the Machine.

Pour cet événement, Bénédicte Le Lay, artiste de scène, a collaboré avec MaJiKer dans la mise en scène. Elle sera aussi interprète théâtrale, explorant et enrichissant les concepts et textures des morceaux à travers mouvements, création d'images et de textes.

Body-Piano-Machine -
Live Performance
avec Bénédicte Le Lay
- special guests include Camille
le 04 mars 2008
à 20h30
Entrée - 12 euros
Réservations aux points de ventes habituels (avec commission)

Point Ephemere
200 quai de Valmy
75010 Paris

Video Killed The Ma-a-Ji-Ker

Some more cheekily random video clips!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday, 14 January 2008

Happy New Ears

Happy New Year, one and all!

2008 is already presenting some exciting opportunities to transmit body/piano/machine sounds to open ears.

Firstly, I have my next concert for Body-Piano-Machine booked up and tickets are now on sale! It's at the great venue, Point Ephemere (Paris 10eme) on 4th March 2008. I'll post more info and news about this show in due course, but for anyone who wants to book their tickets before it's too late, click here:

FNAC Spectacles


France Billet

Watch this space for some sneaky teasers of my upcoming show.

Secondly, preparations are well underway for the launch of Camille's 3rd album, 'Music Hole' which I produced with her. To kick things off, we've been preparing a live performance on Taratata France's biggest and best live music show. All I can say is 'expect the unexpected'!

Lastly, keep an eye (and an ear) on Maya Barsony, as her fabulous new album should be released in early spring. I co-composed a song with Maya for the album which is packed with funky francophonic pop tunes.

More soon.